IT Security and Data Protection

We work with suite of products that enhances security by protecting against accidental or malicious data leaks, theft and malicious attack.

Device & Port Control

  • Integrated device and data control
  • Ensures consistent security policies by extending enforcement to removable storage devices
  • Simplifies device control deployment, with integration into unified detection engine
  • Set centralized policy in management console
  • Eliminates need for additional point products
  • Establish different policies for different groups
  • Granular visibility of PC ports, including FireWire, PCMCIA, Wi-Fi, and USB
  • Logs current and past device connections
  • Tamper-resistant and virtually impossible to circumvent, disable, or uninstall
  • Application Control

  • File sharing
  • Tool bars
  • Instant Messaging
  • Distributed computing
  • Games
  • Voice over IP
  • other PUAs (potentially-unwanted applications)
  • Benefits of utilizing application control as part of its Data Protection offering include:

  • Reduces security, legal, support and productivity risks
  • Allow different policies for different groups
  • Database of applications kept up to date by SophosLabs for new applications and write detections
  • Expands to control good software in addition to bad software
  • Integrates with unified detection engine
  • Full-disk encryption

    At Mordan, we take serious issue that has to do with Security of your network and datas. We use tested and trusted Endpoint and Data Protection solutions, you get additional protection against data loss with SafeGuard full-disk encryption solutions.

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