With our IT Managed Services Contract, your IT team can now sleep soundly while Mordan Communications Network Operations monitors your IT infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. Our service focus goes beyond mere monitoring of network infrastructure to preventative maintenance and proactive intervention. This could be a solution for IT managers who want to take IT managed services to the next level by aligning with a partner like Mordan Communications. Our services are core to an organization with limited resources and a focus on quality and timely resolution. We also use various tools to optimise proactive resolution of issues including monitoring, remediation, configuration and validation. Our Helpdesk services are managed from a state-of-the-art Solution Center. Frontline support technicians offer a central point of contact for reporting faults. They manage each issue through resolution, following the customers documented service agreement.

Utilize Mordan Communications to manage and assume responsibility for a variety your Network and IT Contract Managed Services so that you can focus on the business of doing your business. We can supplement and scale your existing technology, and people, as needed to meet your current business requirements for aflat or near-fixed monthly fee. This model benefits most of our clients by providing them with predictable support and services costs.